Veeva Claims provides the ability to substantiate a claim to provide proof of that claim’s validity. You can add multiple substantiations to each claim and add a single substantiation to multiple claims, minimizing the amount of time you spend assessing claims.

Depending on your Admin’s configuration, object, field, and section labels may appear differently than the labels mentioned in this article.

Creating Substantiations

You can create Substantiations to add to Claims. You can optionally link each Substantiation to a relevant reference document that supports the Claim.

To create a Substantiation:

  1. Navigate to Substantiations.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Optional: Enter a Description.
  4. Optional: In the Related Reference field, select a document to relate to this Substantiation record. You can click the binoculars icon to open the search dialog, then use the search bar or filters to help find the document you want to select. Click Close after selecting the applicable document.
  5. Click Save, or to create another Substantiation, click Save + Create.

Adding Substantiations to a Claim

To add one (1) or more Substantiations to a Claim:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Claim record.
  2. In the Substantiation section, click Add.
  3. In the Search: Substantiation dialog, select the applicable records to relate to this Claim. You can also click Create to create a new Substantiation record and relate it to this Claim.
  4. When you’ve selected all applicable Substantiations to add to this Claim, click OK to link the Substantiations to the Claim.

Adding a Substantiation to Multiple Claims

To add a Substantiation to multiple Claims using a bulk object record action:

  1. Navigate to the Claims tab.
  2. Optional: Set additional filters to narrow down the list of Claims to which you want to add a Substantiation. You can add the Substantiation to up to 1,000 records at once.
  3. From the All Actions menu, select the option to perform a bulk action on all records.
  4. On the Refine Selection page, review the list of selected records and clear the checkboxes for any Claims to which you do not want to add the Substantiation.
  5. Click Next.
  6. On the Choose Action (Step 2) page, select Record Actions in the Manage Records section.
  7. Click Next.
  8. On the Choose Record Action (Step 3) page, select Substantiate Claims. The action label indicates how many records will be affected. If your Admin has configured the action to apply only to records in a specific lifecycle state, Vault automatically excludes any records you selected that are not in the applicable lifecycle state.
  9. Click Next.
  10. On the Details (Step 4) page, select a Substantiation in the Select Substantiation field.
  11. Click Next.
  12. On the Confirmation page, review the summary of changes and click Finish.

Vault does not add the Substantiation twice if you already added it to any selected Claims. When Vault finishes adding the Substantiation to all selected Claims, you’ll receive an email and a Vault notification letting you know if the action was successful or if there were any errors.