Compliance Management allows you to send questionnaires (checklists) to respondents, such as suppliers, targeted to a specific formulation, industry, and location. Recipients can then securely respond to those questionnaires without logging into a Vault, and without requiring the ability to view or access any areas of your Vault.

Vault emails respondents links to questionnaires with questions relevant to a specified formulation, industry, and market, minimizing the amount of time they spend completing questionnaires and standardizing incoming data. You can track completeness and review completed questionnaires within your Vault. You can also import completed questionnaire data into Compliance Assessments based on Admin-defined mapping.

Depending on your Admin’s configuration, object, field, and section labels may appear differently than the labels mentioned in this article. In addition, the fields to complete may vary based on your Vault.

Pre-Populating Questionnaire Responses

Depending on your Admin’s configuration, you may be able to start a questionnaire and populate some of the questions with answers before you send the questionnaire to respondents.

Sending Questionnaires

When you manually or automatically trigger the action to send questionnaires on a Formulation Questionnaire record, Vault emails a link to the questionnaire to the Organization Persons associated with the Supplier in the related Formulation record.

Complete the following steps before sending the questionnaire to respondents:

  • On the Formulation record that requires a questionnaire, populate the Supplier field with the Organization responsible for completing the questionnaire.
  • On the applicable Organization Person records related to the Organization responsible for completing the questionnaire, set the Checklist Respondent Type field to Formulation Questionnaire in order for that person to receive emails to complete the questionnaire.
  • On the Person records related to the applicable Organization Persons, ensure the Email field is populated with a valid email address so that respondents receive email links to the questionnaire.

When you trigger the action to send a questionnaire, Vault does the following:

  • Based on Admin-defined criteria, Vault identifies the appropriate questionnaire based on the Industry and Location values on the Formulation Questionnaire.
  • Vault identifies the applicable Organization Persons for the Formulation’s specified Supplier and emails them a link to the questionnaire.
  • Respondents can access the questionnaire via the emailed link and respond to the questionnaire within Vault. Emailed links are valid for 30 days or until a respondent completes the questionnaire.
  • Vault assigns the Checklist Respondent role to the Application Managed User configured by your Admin.

Manually Send Questionnaires

To send questionnaires to respondents for a specific Formulation:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Business Admin > Formulation Questionnaires or a custom tab.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Select the Formulation that requires a questionnaire.
  4. Optional: Select an Industry to target a specific industry.
  5. Optional: Select a Location to target a specific location.
  6. Click Save.
  7. From the All Actions menu, select Send Questionnaire.

If you don’t see the option to send questionnaires in the All Actions menu, the action may be part of an entry action. See Automatically Send Questionnaires for more details.

Automatically Send Questionnaires

Depending on your Admin’s configuration, Vault may automatically send questionnaires to the appropriate respondents when a Formulation Questionnaire record enters a specific lifecycle state rather than, or in addition to, the action being available to you in the All Actions menu.

Ensure that the Industry and Location fields are set appropriately on the Formulation Questionnaire, then change the state of the record from the Workflow Actions menu to trigger the entry action.

Re-sending Questionnaires to Respondents

When configured by your Admin, you can manually re-send respondents a link to an incomplete questionnaire. To do this, select the option to send a questionnaire from the Formulation Questionnaire’s All Actions menu. Vault automatically disables the previously generated link when you resend a questionnaire.

Reviewing Questionnaire Responses

Depending on your Admin’s configuration, you may be able to review all questionnaire responses from a related records section of the relevant Formulation or Formulation Questionnaire record.

Importing Formulation Questionnaire Data

You can import data from completed formulation questionnaires into Compliance Assessments. See Importing Formulation Questionnaires for more details.

Inactivating Respondent Questionnaire Access

Vault automatically inactivates the link to a questionnaire when a respondent completes it. You can also manually inactivate the link by selecting the option from the Formulation Questionnaire’s All Actions menu.

Audit Trails

The audit trail for a Formulation Questionnaire includes details about the questionnaire that includes both the checklist respondent (Organization Person) and the Admin-configured Application Managed User. For example, if your Admin configured the Application Manager User email as “” and the name of the Organization Person that completes the questionnaires is “Samantha Supplier”, the User Name displayed in the audit trail is “ on behalf of Samantha Supplier (”.


The following limitations apply to formulation questionnaires:

  • Vault will not send questionnaires if more than five (5) Organization Persons are related to the Supplier defined on the Formulation record.
  • Respondents cannot add Vault documents to questionnaire responses.