Registration & Dossier Management allows you to automatically populate certain fields on Registrations, including registration objective types of Registrations, with values propagated from related Registration Items based on Admin-defined mappings. This allows you to quickly update Registration records with the appropriate data with details you’ve already defined on relevant Registration Items.

Depending on your Admin’s configuration, object, field, and section labels may appear differently than the labels mentioned in this article.

How Vault Populates Registrations & Registration Objectives

When configured by your Admin, Registration & Dossier Management includes the Populate Registration Record action on the Registration object that lets you automatically populate certain fields on a Registration based on Admin-defined field mappings. When you run the Populate Registration Record action, Vault identifies all active Registration Items related to that record. For parent Registrations, this includes Registration Items related to all active registration objective types of Registrations that are children of that Registration parent record. Vault then populates and updates fields on the Registration with values from the related Registration Items based on Admin-defined mappings:

If the field value on all active related Registration Items is… The mapped field on the target Registration is…
The same Populated with the same value on the related Registration Items
Not the same Cleared
Blank Cleared

How to Populate a Registration or Registration Objective

To populate a Registration with values from related Registration Items, navigate to the appropriate record and select Populate Registration Record from the All Actions menu. If you don’t see the Populate Registration Record option in the All Actions menu, the action may be part of an entry action. See Automatic Registration Population for more details.

Automatic Registration Population

Depending on your Admin’s configuration, Vault may automatically populate a Registration with values from related Registration Items when the record enters a specific lifecycle state rather than, or in addition to, the action being available to you in the All Actions menu. Change the state of the record from the Workflow Actions menu to trigger the action.

Bulk Populating Registrations

To populate multiple Registrations with values from the Registration Items related to each record, bulk update the lifecycle state of the relevant records to trigger the action for all selected records.

The Populate Registration Record action will fail if you attempt to bulk populate more than 10,000 records.


When Vault finishes populating Registrations, you’ll receive an email and a Vault notification. The notification lets you know if the generation was successful or if there were any errors. The notification will also let you know which fields were populated and which fields were cleared (reset to blank).